A biojet takes off from Nevada

A biojet takes off from Nevada

Aero L-29 is the name of the first biofuel-powered jet that flew into the sky from Reno, Nevada. The jet is fueled with biodiesel, but the development team is planning to switch to algae fuel.

This is the first jet which is 90% powered by biofuel. There were biojets before, but they were using only 20% of biofuel, and the rest was regular fuel.
“This proves that we can make our planes environmental-friendly and supply ourselves with energy.” says Douglas Rodante, CEO of GFP.


    Jim Fieldman Says:

    This is amazing stuff. I never knew that this is possible. It would be great if everything that now uses fossil fuels used biofuels… We’d all be much happier.


    RedSock Says:

    You’re absolutely right, Jim. But I think we’ll all wait some time for that to happen.


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