BiofuelsWatch.com is a website founded on November 1st 2008 by biofuels and renewable energy enthusiasts — five students from different parts of the world (USA, Germany, Japan and Australia). Our goal is to share everything we know about biofuels, green, and renewable energy in general with our visitors. We hope that you will learn something new every time you visit our site.

BiofuelsWatch.com STAFF

Max Rutherford (maxATbiofuelswatch.com) – Manager
Amber Collins (amberATbiofuelswatch.com) – Editor in Chief
Kevin Hammond (kevinATbiofuelswatch.com) – Contributor
Dan Kirshner (danATbiofuelswatch.com) – Contributor
Jack Hewitt (jackATbiofuelswatch.com) – Contributor
Mike Hammond (mikeATbiofuelswatch.com) – Contributor
Shannon Page (shannonATbiofuelswatch.com) – Contributor
Edward C. Gates (edward@biofuelswatch.com) – Contributor
Marry Appleton (marry@biofuelswatch.com) – Contributor

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