Advantages of biomass energy

Advantages of biomass energy

It is only a matter of time when oil and coal will be down in the history books titled under “Once upon a time.” So what can we do to change our future? Probably not much, but what we can do is prolong the life of these valuable resources by focusing holding on to something that is more tangible, like biomass.

Biomass, unlike any other resource, is available to us in excess. Its abundance is what makes it a useful asset to mankind, and we can never fear its running out. In other words it is ‘renewable’ since its main source is plants, and as we all know that earth and plants go neck to neck. It’s most interesting and at the same time surprising quality is that it reduces the green house effect, which is more than we can say about fossil fuels. The carbon dioxide released during the burning of plants is nothing more than the concept of “receiving and returning.” The plants only give off carbon dioxide which it has absorbed from the atmosphere during its entire span of life, hence neutralizing the effect. Whereas for fossil fuels like coal; they only add up to the gases levels causing an imbalance which has severe consequences. Moreover, it is cheap compared to its rival resources.

The biomass material includes biodegradable waste such as waste egested by animals, humans and plants, and more tangible waste such as garbage. If we were to use these pollutants as a source of fuel, we are not only contributing towards keeping the environment clean but also producing energy. A ‘win-win’ scenario! Moving onto a larger scale; every country possesses biomass. The process of converting biomass into useful energy is a plain process. If biomass is used as a primary fuel producing energy in a country, especially developing a country, it can save tremendous amount of money in importing oil and become economically more stable. In addition, biomass can be mixed with coal in coal power plants without making any alterations to the plant. This way, the burning process takes place more effectively and there is a drastic decrease in the release of harmful gases like sulfur dioxide, which in turn reduces the amount of air pollution and hence, the acid rain.

When organic matter is decomposed it releases methane into the air. Methane, in terms of green house effect, is more lethal than carbon dioxide. When this organic matter is burnt in a closed environment, the methane captured can be used for fuel purposes, and the environment is unharmed too. Unlike other power plants, the biomass power plants do not have to be huge. Biodiesel is extremely simple to make from crops such as corn, and can be used in diesel-driven vehicles without making any alterations. This again reduces the release of poisonous gases and is cheaper than petrol.

Biomass, if used effectively and efficiently, could be a catalyst in the future of earths’ renewable energy system. All we must do is take the steps to make that happen.

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    bill Says:

    i hope the time is soon when “It is only a matter of time when oil and coal will be down in the history books titled under “Once upon a time.””


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