Are wind turbines too noisy?

Are wind turbines too noisy?

It is a fact that wind turbines make some noise while creating energy, and everyone agrees on that. However, as many discussions happening recently showed, not everyone agrees what is the value of acceptable noise. In other words, nobody knows what is too much noise. There are basically two sides in this situation — people who are annoyed by the noise that wind turbines make, and people who don’t mind because they are getting clean energy and find that some noise is acceptable.

Scientists did their job and made a study which actually proved that the wind turbine noise can affect certain people. They called it “wind turbine syndrome”. It can cause nausea, panic attacks and headaches. Of course, there is the other, “psychological” side, where people are very stressed because they can’t sleep because of the noise. For example, a lady from UK, Jane Davis, has been having a lot of health issues since several wind turbines were installed near here home. She said that the severity of health problems was proportional to the number of wind turbines that were installed. “I’ve experienced tittinus, vertigo, depression, raised blood pressure and atrial fibrillation (abnormal heart beat).”

Michael A. Kamen made samples, both audio and video, of various wind turbines and their noises here. It’s interesting to see how various wind turbines perform and the noise they make.

There are also many videos on YouTube that cover this subject, and different opinions from the commenters. Here’s a good video which tries to show the noise wind turbines make, but doesn’t really specify are they too noisy or not.

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