Biofuel Production Process

Biofuel Production Process

There are quite a few different ways to make biodiesel, as many companies and researchers are working on processes which will allow them to produce biofuel in a cost effective and efficient manner, hopefully making it cheaper than gasoline. Currently, there are three different methods of production and these methods can be utilized at home, for the home biofuel brewer.

The first method is the batch method, which is the most commonly used method of creating biofuel. It is a multi-step process which ensures the fuel is clean and ready to use and offers the best performance for how it is made. The batch process is done by making sure the oil is prepared for biofuel making by removing water. Once this step is done, the oil is mixed with alcohol such as methanol, with lye as a catalyst. An agitator is needed for this process so the alcohol is mixed thoroughly with the oil. After this process is complete, the oil must sit for several hours so it can settle over low heat. This causes the glycerin in the oil to settle into the bottom of the tank. Then, the alcohol is removed from the mixture and the entire mixture is purified through washing. Once this step is complete, the mixture is ready to be stored and used.

The second most popular way of production biofuel is called the Supercritical Biodiesel Production process. This differs highly from the batch method in that supercritical alcohol is used instead of regular alcohol, which makes the entire process used in the batch method happen much faster. In this process, the removal of the alcohol is not necessary. This method is not as popular as the batch method, because the energy costs associated with producing biofuel in this manner are much higher, since the entire mixture must be done at high heat from the start of the process to the very end.

The third method used to make biofuel is called the ultrasonic reactor method. This method involves using ultrasonic faves throughout the mixture to separate it and produce the biofuel. This reduces the length of time which is required to make the fuel, and it also allows for larger batches of biofuel to be made. This is the most common method which is used in industrial situations, as it allows for huge batches and is very cost effective. Improvements to this method are being made daily so that manufacturers can offer cheaper biofuel alternatives to the general public.

The last method is the microwave method, which uses a microwave oven to bring about the chemical reaction in the oil. This method uses higher temperatures which means the oil gets processed much faster and at less energy rates than the other methods discussed. However, it is not widely used as this method is still being researched as a possible means for mass production of biofuels. Even though the method is rather new, it is very plausible that it might become the preferred method of producing biofuels in the future.

There are many different was to produce biofuel and these are but just a few which are used by home brewers and industry leaders alike.

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