Brown Grease Solid Biofuel

Brown Grease Solid Biofuel

EcoPlus, a company focused on developing new and effective forms of waste-based energy, has recently unveiled a new product of solid waste biofuels. The solid fuel is derived from brown grease that develops in restaurants on a regular basis and can be utilized in a number of different ways to help supplement energy needs. Being suitable to be used either on its own or combined with other fuels or biofuels the solid waste product can be easily used in current coal-fired power plants and will help to significantly reduce overall emissions generated in the energy production process as required by many new and upcoming state regulations.

The solid product is also seen as a viable fuel source for many other applications, including the generation of heat necessary for cement creation and other energy intensive processes. Because of the high-quality fuel generated from the solid waste processing as well as the solid nature the new biofuel is both easily portable as well as suitable for a number of different uses, though as of now is generally unsuitable for most vehicle operation due to the fact that it cannot be easily utilized by current engines for thrust generation. Nevertheless it has proven an exceptional candidate for usage in energy production facilities where simply heat is necessary to drive turbines used for energy generation.

Currently EcoPlus plans on working with Spartansburg, South Carolina’s “Converse and Company” to assist them with both marketing and distribution of the new solid fuel throughout the US with possible extensions being developed for usage abroad. Although this is a relatively new form of bioenergy developed in comparison to other liquid biofuels currently used the versatility and reliability of the product has led many to foresee its usage in a wide range of applications throughout both developed and developing areas.

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