Clinton reducing its carbon print

Clinton reducing its carbon print

Clinton is a small US town in the Middlesex County, Conneticut. It is a rare bright example of how a town should really function, and which path should it take for the future. Despite being relatively small (total population is around 13,000), it seems that people there are very aware of the environment problems that fossil fuels cause, and many more that they will cause in the future.

Therefore, they turned the page and made a, how they call it, a small step toward reducing their carbon footprint. Most of their school buses, Public Works vehicles, and the largest buildings in town have switched to biofuel (it is a mixture of 80% heating oil and 20% recycled vegetable oil). The biofuel is being provided by two nearby companies — “Hale Hill Biofuel” and “Greenleaf Fuels”. The former produced and delivers the biofuel, while the latter is in the process of building a power plant.
Students are also included in the project, as they will will gather data through the whole year from the vehicles that use biofuel and compare its performance with the fossil fuels data.

It seems that everything is working okay for now. “We haven’t had any problems so far,” said William Fritz, the First Selectman. He also said that this project is not and never was about the money — “it’s more of an environmental feel good thing.”

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