Homemade wind turbine

Homemade wind turbine

Because the price of electricity from utility companies is on the rise, many home owners are looking for new ways to generate electricity so they can cut some of the cost associated with fueling their homes. With the price of oil rising and oil reserves depleting, energy costs can only expect to rise over the next few decades. However, you can protect yourself and your home from this ever-increasing cost by installing a homemade wind turbine on your property. A homemade wind turbine is a very small investment which will provide you with electricity and foot much of the bill when it comes to paying for electricity each month.

Some homeowners believe that only wind farms can produce enough electricity to power their homes, but this is simply not true. All that is required for good production is around 150 – 300 square yards of space in order to build your wind turbine to begin generating electricity. The only real requirement for this process to work is having a good supply of wind each and every day.

Many people tend to shy away from this alternative means of producing electricity because they believe the cost associated with it is not worth it. Looking at professionally installed wind turbines installed by a professional company, you’ll see that these units and installation costs can run upwards of $5000 for a 1000 watt turbine. However, the cost of building the same unit and installing it yourself is much less, so there is no reason to be afraid of installing one on your property.

Installing the tall tower and mounting the turbine by yourself could prove challenging, which is why its good to have help from a neighbor or two. The investment you’ll make toward getting the turbine up and running will be considerably less than a professionally installed turbine, but it is still not something to take lightly. However, you should consider how much you’ll save on your electricity bills by providing your own electricity, and the length of life of wind turbines makes the whole investment entirely worth it.

Depending on the style of wind turbine you’d like to install on your home, you’ll need several different components. Most homemade wind turbines use blades which have been cut from PVC pipe, since they are light weight and turn easily in the wind, with the added addition of being able to rotate whichever way the wind is blowing. The size of these blades determines just how much electricity you can generate from the wind, with 2ft blades generating about half of what a 4ft blade would.

These homemade wind turbine work by storing the electricity they produce into batteries. These batteries power an inverter unit which produces electricity for your home as it is required. For many homeowners, the government offers tax breaks for creating your own electricity, so if you are considering this option, you should be aware of the potential for saving you on your taxes as well.

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