“Hybrids” to capture the UAE

“Hybrids” to capture the UAE

Automakers have seen a scope for hybrid cars in United Arab Emirates for its power and luxury and the ability to curb pollution. A growing number of companies in UAE are geared up to launch their eco-friendly green vehicles although the market here might be mediocre for hybrid cars considering the countries focus on fossil fuels here.

Recently, Dubai saw its first ever launch of Kepler Motor’s motion supercar known for its superior performance in the green car category. According to Russ Wicks, founder of the supercar manufacturing company and also a holder of multiple speed records and the fastest man in Nascar, the car produces 800 horsepower, with a top speed of 320 km/hr going from a speed of 0-100 km/hr in 2.5 seconds.

Eco-friendly, superior performance with an engine half the size

According to Wicks, the Motion just uses a 3.5 litre engine to generate 800 horses giving the same performance like a V12 with the benefits of less fuel being burnt and engine being half the size making it environmental friendly.

The car can be driven in electric-only mode too

Wicks says: “We are not designing for fuel economy range. We are using it for performance, but we do get a result.”

A Dubai based dealer Al Futtaim Motors has also seen the potential for this supercar in this region. They launched Lexus LS 600h L in December. This machine is known for being full hybrid, running solely on its electric motor. The start-up mode of the car so silent, thanks to its electric mode which gives it an instant torque, as compared to its petrol version.

Spread of Eco-Awareness in Dubai

“Build Your Dreams”, an energy solutions company in China and also the second largest rechargeable battery manufacturer are all set to launch they products in Dubai after finding success in countries around Gulf and Africa. As a result, Dubai witnesses the spread of eco-awareness.

Additionally, its quite evident that government support is needed to provide the right infrastructure for the launch of this product, including recharge facilities for the cars since they are fully electric.

List of Hybrid Cars

Luxgen – The EV + is the world’s first electic seven-seater MPV, is a zero emission vehicle. Produces 240 bhp output with its 180 kW engine.

GM – GM’s Chevrolet Volt is a front wheel drive, four passenger Extended Range electric vehicle.

Mercedes – Luxury at its best. A $400 hybrid drive system car comes with a Lithium-ion battery. With a combined output of its V6 petrol engine and a 229bhp compact hybrid, it’s the most fuel efficient hybrid car.

BMW – The BMW’s X6 and 7 Series Active Hybrids are based on the V8 twin turbo cars. Electric motor boost is 80bhp giving this super car a 485 horsepower.

Kepler Motion – Features a 250 bhp electric motor, 550 bhp and 3.5 V6 powering and a seven speed dual clutch transmission.

Lexus – LS 600h L boasts of an electric motor producing 520 Nm of torque and 438 bhp.

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