Is biofuel expensive

Is biofuel expensive

Biofuel is receiving international attention as a possible alternative to our current fossil fuel usage, but many people don’t realize what biofuel is made from. Biofuel is derived from plant products and can be used in any combustible engine. However, the process as it stands right now is not as effective as it could be, which leads to higher production costs, and in turn, higher costs at the pump. Since producing biofuel is extremely expensive and time consuming, it isn’t considered a viable alternative to our fossil fuel usage, yet.

Biofuels can be either liquid or solid, and come from many different plant sources such as vegetable oil, sugar cane, or even soy and corn products. In fact, in the United States alone, many corn and soy crops which are grown are not grown for human consumption, but for the production of biofuel.

Most all of the commercial biofuel which is found on the market today is not 100% pure biofuel. It is generally mixed with around 15% regular gasoline so the fuel will still work in our modern engines. Because we cannot yet use 100% biofuel in our engines, and because the biofuel production process is so expensive and costly, researchers are working on ways to develop biofuel into a renewable energy source which could break through the barrier of cost versus efficiency.

Until biofuel can be made efficiently, it won’t be an affordable option for us to use in our vehicles. In fact, more than half of the crops which are grown in the United States produce by-products which could be used to make this biofuel, so until a method is developed to turn this into an efficient production process, there will be no mass market bio-fuels available on the market. However, the hope and faith of many researchers is what keeps investors interested in the project and why you hear so much about bio-fuel production technology on the news today.

Biofuel can come from many sources, including wood and cardboard products which would normally end up in our landfills. However, some people have pointed out that crops which have become ruined by diseases or other means could also be used for biofuel. The biggest problem with this is balancing the land between growing crops for food, and growing crops for fuel.

Many people feel that even if biofuel can be made cost-effectively, the effect it has on the environment and food costs is not worth it. Corn and other products which are used in biofuel could see a rise in price at the grocery store, as more and more resources are put forward into turning these crops into biofuels instead of food.

Because of this argument, some researchers have turned to other by-products such as turning cow manure into biofuel. While this isn’t an appealing option to some, it can be very viable if a waste product can be turned into a fuel source. Since bio-technology is so new, there are still many factors to work out before biofuel production can begin on a mass scale.

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