Menasha Turns To Wind

Menasha Turns To Wind

Menasha Corporation is one of America’s oldest privately owned companies, and has been around since 1849. For the past few decades, the company has been attempting to change its manufacturing, production, and output to being environmentally friendly, to lessen its output of pollution and waste. In regards to its products, it makes paper based packaging (Which can be recycled) reusable plastic packing (Under the name ORBIS Corporation.)

It was earlier this year, at a meeting, that it was agreed upon that the company much take steps to become a leader in clean energy and sustainability. Since that decision was made, the company then set about finding out which method they should choose and what they should do in order to achieve this outcome. It was decided that 15 wind turbines would be built, in order to power the company’s office and manufacturing plant in Neenah, Wisconsin.

The office and manufacturing plant have a total of 115 employees, and it is expected that these turbines will be enough to maintain their basic electrical needs as they work through out the day. This follows their business plans, which are to provide customers with innovative packaging and supply chain solutions in order to improve their business and their life. A project of this size will also bring in employment to get the job done, and it is hoped that the locals will be the ones to benefit from the added employment.

The project adds another bow to the quiver of Menasha Corporation’s list of sustainable living and working changes. The office and manufacturing plant has had much of its electrical systems changed or removed, in favour of systems and equipment that wastes less electricity, and helps to create a sustainable work environment. It is possible that these ideas will be taken home by some employees, who saw the benefits of being environmentally responsible help both the quality of life and also the pocket, as the money save can go on something else.

Menasha Corporation has received approval to go ahead with its planning and construction from the city of Neenah’s Planning and Development section.

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