Outlook of global warming

Outlook of global warming

Predicting the local weather changes is not an easy task. In the same way it is very hard and near impossible to foretell global warning’s future. But were people to know what is lying ahead of them, they would be kinder to the environment. The challenges encountered in foretelling global warming are the same as those faced by meteorologists. Depending on the direction of wind, it can cool or warm the air, cool and warm fronts are generated as air masses move in and also cloud cover cools a scorching day.

Temperature of land can be changed by ocean currents traversing above them, the earth’s atmosphere is always precipitating and evaporating. This cycle influences global warming while the variables are equally exaggerated by global warming. The third world countries need to put emphasis on preventing global warming rather than trying to achieve development by using low quality cheap industrial equipment which in most cases are always the worst pollutants. People need to be aware of how their actions influence the global climate so that they can work on putting an end to it.

Though statisticians try to estimate how quick the population of the earth grow a number of factors may change the dynamics of their guesses; biological, economical factors and government policies. Global warming increases with rise in population. After development of ecologically friendly cars the begging question is whether people will use these technologies. Cost may bring on board many people from fuel to hybrid vehicles which continue to be improved. The technology should now be availed to all people in order to rescue in the efforts against global warming.

Melting of ice in the Polar Regions affects ocean temperatures which orchestrates global warming through altering evaporation rates in the sea. The currents cannot have their speed and direction predicted with accuracy but they still impact on global warming. One method being used to foretell global warming is the proliferation of dark areas, the only set back being the difficulty in predicting how many dark areas would be exposed by melting ice since adequate ice to uphold a light color will reflect a lot of heat.

It is good to try and predict the extent of global warming even though it can’t be done with accuracy. Making the topic of global warming more concrete would be important in estimating the damage that is likely to be caused by it.

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