Philips Solar Flowers

Philips Solar Flowers

In an effort to fully bring renewable energy into the urban setting, Philips has developed a new form of sustainable energy street lamp that is both artistic as well as environmentally friendly, helping to beautify cities while reducing overall energy usage. The latest line of street lights from Philips follow the design concept of a flower petal, both in shape as well as function.

Opening to collect solar energy during the day when the sun is shining the “flower” utilizes build-in photovoltaic cells to collect and store energy. This energy is cached away internally, and then when the sun sets the flower closes its petals and utilizes an array of LED lights to provide a 360 degree illuminated head as well as stalk in order to provide safe, clean, entirely contained energy production and usage.

Designed to give solar power an edge in the burgeoning green energy market, these new solar powered street lamps are a step forward over what most cities have previously utilized in terms of solar energy in that they not only provide a highly efficient light source but also break the mold of many previous misconceptions of what solar energy should take form as. For cities looking to expand into the green sector themselves they also work wonders in a beautification effort as the naturally opening and closing flower is both aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional – helping to improve energy collection and utilization over what other conventional solar street lamp models may offer at the moment.

As an added bonus any excess energy generated by the “solar flower” is automatically fed back into the city’s power grid, helping to reduce an area’s overall power consumption and, in turn, reduce the overall carbon footprint. This is excellent news for many new developments where eco-friendliness is a major concern and up till now a suitable energy production source has yet to have been developed to provide the city with energy while still serving some other functional purpose.

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