Piezoelectric Energy

Piezoelectric Energy

Piezoelectric energy is energy derived from the direct application of force on naturally occurring minerals that causes a discharge of electrons to occur. The most common base material used in most piezoelectric functions today is quartz due to its relative abundance as well as its ability to both absorb and release electronic particles in direct proportion to the amount of energy directed at it. It is for this reason that quarts has become the central piece in many piezoelectric devices, ranging from transformers to even common wrist watches that utilize the steady regulation of energy quartz offers for accurate measurement of time.

While piezoelectric energy is generally considered not very suitable for many conventional applications for energy production due to the fact that it simply converts force into electrical charge a few new designs have incorporated piezoelectric principles into their design. One such device is a micro-electric generator that has been recently created by researchers at MIT for use in any number of applications, ranging from being inserted into a shoe heel to generate a steady flow of power to provide energy for small devices simply by walking to even being implanted into human bodies to provide energy for implanted medical devices (such as pace makers) by converting the physical force generated by breathing into constant energy.

Other explorations into piezoelectric energy have moved into searching for better ways to convert lost physical energy from other daily operations into usable electrical flows. Although it may not be suitable for home energy production due to the fact that it could not easily produce energy directly without some sort of input a piezoelectric generator could potentially be added to motor vehicles or other devices that generate mechanical force on a regular basis to create additional electrical current for conventional applications.

Currently the primary usage for most piezoelectric devices outside of small energy devices such as wrist watches is for the clean conversion of energy from direct or alternating current to a more usable energy flow. Piezoelectric transformers, for instance, are commonly found in many electrical systems to ensure a clean, safe energy supply for home usage. This includes the efficient conversion of power generated by many electrical generation systems such as wind or solar power into something that can be used regularly with minimal loss of energy that would otherwise be wasted through the usage of alternative transformer technology such as that used in the past.

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    Hankwind Says:

    Yes, piezo surely will have its applications, I like the one that is offered by Solar Botanic Renewable energy systems, a biomimicry concept, which is using the piezo effect in their artificial leaves.


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