Solar Deck Lights

Solar Deck Lights

Someone who has a well designed and attractive deck outside his/her house must also have lights on it. Without a proper lighting system, you would neither be able to use the deck during the night nor will it do justice to the aesthetics of a beautiful deck. If you decide to install solar deck lights instead of conventional lighting, then you would not only be able to illuminate your deck beautifully during the night, but you will also save yourself some money in the long run. Even if you are someone who is very picky about the type of lighting that you would choose to use on your deck, you will have a wide range of selections (lanterns, fairy lights, string lights, spotlights, etc) to choose from. Solar energy has become quite popular for outdoor lighting these days and as a result, there is no shortage of options on this front. Plan the project well and hang them from the trees or tie them to the decks accordingly.

Apart from the initial installation costs which are higher than installing conventional electrical deck lights, there are so many advantages of installing a solar deck lighting system that it more than makes up for it. The first point is the fact that they are absolutely safe to be used on your deck or in your garden because they do not need any electrical wires to be attached to them for power supply. All the power that the lights need is captured by the solar battery packs containing the PV cells during the day from the sun’s rays and that ensures both safety as well as savings. Solar deck lights eliminate even the chance of having an exposed live electrical wire outside your home after a fierce storm. However, you would need to place the solar lights in such a way that they receive at least some portion of the sunlight that reaches your deck to ensure that they are properly recharged during the day. Since solar lights do not have any switches, they are fitted with light sensors which turn them on automatically when it is dark enough, and turns the lights off when it is bright enough in the morning.

Solar deck lights would never be so bright that they will generate too much heat or glare, but these lights are almost always bright enough for the people around the area to see properly and of course, make the deck look beautiful. Deck lighting allows people to play cards, have barbeques and parties or may be just walk around on it during the night, but the advantage with solar deck lighting systems is the fact that you would get to do all of these things but at no additional charge on your electricity bill.

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