Solar energy and Pollution

Solar energy and Pollution

Pollution is the talk of the global town, and quite rightly so. The quality of our environment is a measure of our own future prospects and a matter of our own survival. Sadly, the alarm bells are ringing already. Be it the air we breathe in, the water we drink, or the land we live on; the hard reality is that the standards are plummeting like never before. The undesirable changes in the physical and chemical composition of elements like air and ground water are rapidly acquiring demonic proportions, as is evident in the deterioration of the visible characteristics of both air and water.

Deplorable as the situation is, the field of renewable energy sources becomes the sole ray of hope for mankind. There is no way we can bring down the demand of energy as the consumer markets are destined to rise with time. The only alternative becomes to look for sources of energy that can supplant the conventional means like fossil fuels. Sun is one such source of sunshine for humanity, both literally and metaphorically. Sunlight is free of cost, and the fact that it can be manipulated to perform the services rendered by other energy forms catapults the status of the Sun.

Solar energy is used to excite electrons in specially designed materials. This leads to the production of electric current. This simple operation is executed on a macro scale, and this form the essence of the popular solar panels. Such panels are sharing the load of electricity production of the world. Most developed nations are in hot pursuit of better and more efficient solar panels which could replace the electricity grids. The most important aspect of these panels is the fact that there is literally zero environmental pollution.

Automobile industry is a prominent contributor to pollution, as the fumes of the burnt fuels degrade the air quality. It would be a remarkable leap towards a clean and green future if there were a reliable alternative to fuels like petroleum and diesel. Solar energy makes its presence felt in this regard as well. Research and development in the field of solar powered vehicles is on top gear, and it is only a matter of time before we see full fledged solar cars running on the roads. Automobile giants like Toyota and Nissan are in the final stages of making such vehicles available commercially. The estimates pertaining to the energy inventory are downright scary, and solar energy becomes a necessity rather than an option in such a scenario.

Consumer appliances that run on solar energy also play an important role in curbing the malaise of pollution at a micro level, the cumulative effect of which are definitely noteworthy. Solar cookers and solar heaters make valuable contribution in providing clean energy to consumers. However, the true potential of solar energy can be realized only with concerted efforts of all humanity, as all of us are stakeholders when the matter of concern is our own environment.

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