Solar energy grants

Solar energy grants

Depending on where you are looking to develop solar energy resources, there are numerous grants that can be found to help support you and your development. These include both federal as well as local grants for energy efficient and related endeavors and in the USA can best be located by contacting the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, or what is commonly referred to as the EERE. This government program exists in order to assist individuals with receiving the support they need to develop alternative energy production means by connecting with local organizations or supporters who can help provide funding or other support.

Grants typically come in either direct cash compensation form or, more commonly, as tax write-offs or tax incentives that allow you to realize some benefit in the long-run from implementing a plan. While there are a number of different grants available solar energy grants typically cover specifically solar heating, photovoltaic (solar power cell) energy, solar reliant or hybrid cars and even potentially wind turbines as wind is generated by the sun’s effects upon our planet.

Particularly under the Obama administration, alternative energy grants have been significantly increased in focus in the US, however the President is not the only reason grants are being distributed to solar energy developers. In fact, in 2004 the EERE successfully distributed over $500 million to alternative power developers across the country, and although they do not provide any money directly to individuals they supplement a number of organizations to help local developers on a regular basis.

When searching for these local organizations or incentives the first stop should always be the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) that can be found online or by talking to a local government official. Entries in the DSIRE can have a wide range and cover anything from business tax benefits to specific funding for your home or social project.

While there are a number of different government grant options available to most people these, unfortunately, are not necessarily available to everyone at all times. If you are seeking any local assistance for your case in particular be sure to get in touch with your local legislature to make your case and see what they can do for you. When in doubt there are always federal funding options as well, however these are generally less specific or able to assist with your particular needs than local funding. Additionally any federal aid is also much more difficult to obtain due to the large number of people attempting to receive at at once across the country, so always be sure to go local whenever possible.

If all else fails consider delaying your solar energy project temporarily if you can afford to do so until funding becomes available near you. Quite often grants and made open to the public periodically throughout the year, so by delaying your solar development by a few days, weeks or months you may be able to take advantage of something that would have been unavailable just a short time ago.

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