Solar Power In Israel

Solar Power In Israel

Israel is a land with a lot of potential underneath all of its problems, hassles and wars. In terms of renewable energy, Israel is an idyllic location for solar panels to be installed, and with the climate there giving off a lot of sunlight; it seems ridiculous that Israel isn’t trying to lead the world with solar power.

The country leading the world in solar power is, of all places, Germany. This sounds a little off, considering that when compared to many other places, such as Spain, Australia, Italy or Israel all have massive amounts of sunlight shinning down daily. Germany has a lot less sunlight, but it is showing what can be done if solar power is harnessed efficiently.

In theory, the sun sends down 89 petawatts (a petawatt is one quadrillion watts) of power, which is much more than human consumption, which stands at 15 terrawatts. This is a huge win for humans if we are able to better harness the power of the sun. In previous generations, the sun was worshipped as the giver of life, and after thousands of years have passed we are still turning to the sun as our saviour.

Israel could benefit greatly from the implantation of solar panels in homes and business, if only it could stop the bureaucracy, which seems to rule the nation over commonsense and logic. While in Israel’s main area solar panels have the ok to be installed on a contract with the Israeli Electric Corporation (IEC). In places like Judea and Samaria, due to much illogical thinking and fear of what the left and America may think, installation of solar panels on homes is automatically denied.

According to the IEC, construction on houses is not banned in these areas due to the reasons of another government agency. This leads you on a trail to find out who exactly is responsible for the decision to ban any installation of solar systems. This trail ends up leading to nowhere, as it seems that no one has a real answer. The Ministry of Defense banned construction of houses to take place, which somehow has been interpreted as even installing solar systems has been banned.

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