Suntech Solar Panels

Suntech Solar Panels

Suntech, one of the few China based major solar power cell producers, is a strong player in the solar energy market and is rapidly expanding both its commercial and product scope around the world beginning in 2009 and pushing strong into 2010.

Responsible for a portion of the energy production at the iconic Olympic Stadium in Beijing during the past Summer Games in 2008, Suntech solar cells are aiming at providing for a significantly large number of consumers in both the public and private sectors, looking at both industrial and commercial applications. The primary goal of Suntech as a solar panel producer is to strengthen its current market share in local China while develop stronger economic ties to the US, using local production in the United States to reduce US domestic solar purchasing costs and increase overall product availability to users.

As a power cell Suntech’s main focus is on durability and reliability. By settling for average to above-average energy production capability Suntech solar panels are able to be lightweight, durable and highly reliable products that can also be cost-effective for usage in a number of applications. These cells can be easily mounted to a variety of locations, can be transported with relative ease and are durable against moderate impacts that may otherwise affect the stability and usability of other solar power cells that may offer higher energy conversion rates.

Currently Suntech products are used by governments for street light energy production and for the supplementing of energy needs for a number of large building developments in a few cities worldwide with residential application as well, however the actual usage by many private home owners in a commercial sense is still limited due to availability and lack of market penetration in many areas. The durability, flexibility and economic factors associated with Suntech’s particular products are what generally set them apart from other solar energy cell producers.

As an overall product Suntech solar power cells are generally considered to be market average, though their lower than average costs allow them to be much more economical than many of their competitors. This makes them an excellent option for many consumers to invest in, particularly if they are looking at installing the solar cells in locations that may not provide optimum protection from the environment and thus may easily render higher energy yielding yet significantly much more fragile cells useless.

Suntech, like all organizations focusing on solar panel production, is constantly conducting research into improved conversion ability of their photovoltaic cells and it looking at putting this into practice more directly in the near future once its new factory successfully opens in the United States. At that time it will most likely also be able to provide solar panels much more readily to US consumers as well as purchasers in neighboring areas. Further production based in the Western hemisphere will also improve its ability to service other consumers in some European markets, so keep your eyes open for further developments by Suntech in the coming months as 2010 continues to unfold.

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