Think “clean” and get $200k

Think “clean” and get $200k

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), one of the most reputable and most famous universities in the world (especially in the scientific field), last week announced that it will hold a clean-energy competition. The grand prize is $200,000. Total amount of award prizes will reach $500,000, collectively, in money and support, with $200,000 in cash to the grand-prize winner. The university partnered up with Massachusetts-based company “Nstar” (energy company) and Department of Energy (DOE) in order to higher the grand prize.

“It’s not about the money. It’s about the visibility,” said Bill Aulet, senior lecturer and entrepreneur. He also said that the competition is intended to be national.

The main goal of this competition is to lure entrepreneurs with the right skills to turn alternative-energy ideas into viable businesses.
David Kirkpatrick, director of SJF Ventures, said that MIT’s competition is an amazing idea and said its large prize will encourage innovative ideas to move from early stage to commercialization.

The competition could also bring Massachusetts closer to making an alternative-energy cluster in the state.

If you have a great idea and think you can win, go for it and apply. We wish you the best of luck.

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