Toyota To Make EV by 2012

Toyota To Make EV by 2012

The car industry has always been a tough market to crack with new cars and new technology, as is shown by the history of failed cars shows very clearly. Electronic Vehicles, or EVs, as they are also known, have been around for some time now. However, there’s problems have always followed EVs, whether it be in the designing, manufacturing or selling of these vehicles. Due to the nature of the technology, new designs for the internal and external are needed, and some end up quite unattractive to customers or are more hassle due to bad designs. Manufacturing the cars can some times be a problem, also due to the new technology. In terms of sales, many customers still want their fast cars, which are often fuel guzzlers, which, due to the sheer number of petrol cars on the road, cause so much harm to the environment.

Toyota is one of Japan’s leading automotive companies, and has been for a number of years. Toyota has prided itself on being at the top of the industry, both in Japan and worldwide, and plans to stay there. The future, it seems, is in EV vehicles, more than it is in cars that rely on fossil fuels for power and drive. Back in 2003, Toyota first attempted to release an EV designed car, which proved a failure due to sales. Toyota then scrapped that idea, and continued on down other avenues.

With the release of other EV generation cars from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Fuji Heavy Industries Limited, and Nissan’s plans to release an EV car, Toyota has decided to follow suite and step back into the EV car market. Toyota plan to release its EV model car, the IQ Ultra Compact, in Japan and the US in 2012. It hopes that this new car will help to continue the success the company has enjoyed over many years.

The base model of the IQ will primarily be for short distance trips, as the battery power isn’t enough for long trips yet. A hybrid model is under development, and Toyota plan to release this model soon after the IQ.

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