US And India Solar Plan

US And India Solar Plan

A plan and idea that seems to have its origins in a futuristic science fiction film has been mentioned by a former president of India when asked about the future of energy sources. There are many solutions floating around, and many ideas and plans that seem viable. Using satellites in space to collect and store solar power would remove the need for using excess land on earth, but would cost quite a big more. This plan could possibly solve the world energy crisis. The sun is much more powerful outside of the earth’s atmosphere, and a satellite could harness and store much more power than solar panels on earth.

Collaboration between A.P.J. Kalam, and non-profit National Space Society on the solar satellites projects is about to commence, after spokespeople for the two groups announced that they have plans for a space-based solar power initiative, and hope to find of launching the needed satellites into orbit and working over extended periods of time.

It is planned that a satellite will be launched from earth, which contains the needed parts, such as solar panels, and will be set up in space to collect solar energy. The energy will be stored within the device, before being sent down to earth in the form of microwaves. A device on earth will collect and store the energy for when it is to be sent out and used. The device to be used on earth will be a special antenna, which will collect the microwaves and convert them into energy ready to be used.

According to those involved, this project may take around 15 years to set in motion, and is expected to be ready by 2025. A spokesperson for the project said that everyone involved hopes and prays for the best outcome with the satellite.  If the idea works well, it could possibly help to clean up the world, help to remove our reliance on the almost extinct fossil fuels, and could upgrade the living standards of many people all around the world.

Kalam mentioned that despite Indian and American attempts to move forward and beyond in the solar power area, other countries need to follow and become involved in helping bring in a change.

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