Biofuels Vs. Fossil fuels

Biofuels Vs. Fossil fuels

Many people in today’s society began to wonder about the thoughts of “biofuel” and how it would benefit them as opposed to what we are using now. However, millions of people have considered the fact that we are running out of oil when discussions of biofuels comes up. Even though it is a very solid concern, more of the problem lies with carbon dioxide factors.

Oil is one of the most common fossil fuels that contains a great number of hydrocarbons. The hydrocarbons are known as a molecule that contains carbon and hydrogen. These two substances when they are exposed to a flame, produce energetic reactions. Therefore, when the hydrocarbons are burning or even combusted it will begin to produce CO2 and water. Carbon dioxide is commonly known as one a greenhouse gas. It is trapped into the atmosphere and plays a major role in the global warming effects. The carbon dioxide that has been found in the fossil fuels that have been trapped within the surface of the earth is now being exposed back to our atmosphere.

However, biofuel is also a hydrocarbon. Biofuels also create carbon dioxide and water whenever they are combusted. So now you are probably thinking to yourself why are biofuels better than fossil fuels? Studies have shown that with the carbon that is already in our atmosphere has been used to produce tons of hydrocarbons. It was being taken out by the plant, then hydrocarbons were being producted, and then being re-introduced by combustions. Therefore, by beginning to use the biofuels we will not be putting anymore carbons into our atmosphere that has been under the surface, it will only be recycling the ones that was already in place. With that taking place we would not be adding no more CO2 into our atmosphere which is contributing all these harmful factors to the global warming situation.
So do you really think that the biofuels would be better for our society than the fossil fuels? They both have their advantages and disadvantages but by using the biofuels our world might have a better air quality. One of the main differences with the biofuels and the fossil fuels is the time that it will take to replenish it.

When comparing the two, biofuels are easy to obtain and has renewable resources as opposed to the fossil fuels that will take several years. Also when burning biofuel it is less hazardous like the fossil fuels are. Most of the biofuels are being classified. There is 4 different types that are being based on their generations; first, second, third, and also the fourth generation of bio fuels. First generation biofuels would be carbohydrates such as starch and sugar that is found in vegetable fat and also animals fat. They contribute to the production of bio-diesel, gas, and even vegetable oils. The second generation would be wood. It is generally decomposed into a form of diesel and alcohol. They are usually produced from the biomasses which allow a greater balance than the first generation of biofuels.
Thanks to algae that floats in most of the waters, many times a major problem is created against the aquatic creatures due to a large amount that contains biofuels. They go under the third generation which are not harmful or dangerous to the land. By the scientific studies the micro organism that is capable of breeding within carbon dioxide or on plants will fit into the fourth generation biofuel.
With biofuel it does offer us an advanced alternative to a faster depletion of the fossil fuels and is less expensive.


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