Wind Turbine Syndrome

Wind Turbine Syndrome

Wind turbines make some noise while producing energy. While that noise doesn’t affect the majority of people at all, some people are affected by it. People who are affected by the noise of wind turbines and show certain symptoms have the Wind Turbine Syndrome. The symptoms in question are usually nausea, headaches and panic attacks. Other symptoms include sleep deprivation, and some people end up having some mental health issues.

Jane Davis, a lady from UK, went to court and hopes for a positive outcome for her. She said that since the wind turbines were installed near her house, she started to notice some changes in her health. She said that the more wind turbines were installed, the more her health went bad. “The symptoms I’ve felt are sleep deprivation, tittinus, nausea, hypertension and many more,” she added. “They have really affected my life. The last couple of years were not easy for me.”

It all happens because of the nature of the sound. Wind Turbine Sound and Health Effects discovered that some people may be “annoyed” by the sounds that a wind turbine nearby makes. Scientists have proven in this study that the noise that wind turbines make which bothers some people is the same as noise coming from an airport nearby. “The number of people who suffer these extreme effects are very small,” scientists said.

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